The best illustrators, painters, designers and other graphic artists from latin america

We are MARTA

We are building the Hub of Latin American Graphic Art.

we are marta

Why do we do it?

Because we have the dream of seeing Latin American artistic talent become a worldwide reference.

Because we believe that art is a channel for the transformation of lives.

Because we know that together we can achieve better results, generating a sense of belonging, strengthening both individual and collective capabilities and enhancing the opportunities that are necessary for the development of graphic art in the region.

How will we achieve it?

By building a multi-actor ecosystem - among artists, museums, galleries, collectives, schools, media and other institutions - so that we all share knowledge, create relationships and generate alliances and opportunities.

Connecting regional talent in a large community of artists; organizing it by individual strengths to facilitate their search and helping the international diffusion and promotion of artists and their work.

What do we do "currently"?

We have the digital platform ( where everything previously mentioned is unified.

In the platform you can find the galleries, useful resources and the directory of Latin American graphic talent (organized by category, art style, nationality, and gender).

Promotion of the artists and their works through the platform and social networks.
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Marta Club; an exclusive dialogue space where artists and art institutions in the region interact.
Marta Club





We are a virtual space where Latin American graphic artists exhibit our creations, share experiences, strengthen our knowledge and promote art both individually and collectively. We seek to make our talent known internationally and in this way improve job and economic opportunities for our members.


Our Mission:

"To unite, stimulate, strengthen and promote internationally the talent of Latin American graphic artists"

Our Vision:

"Be the Hub of Latin American Graphic Art"


  • Love of art.
  • Respect for individuality.
  • Faith in Latin American artistic talent.
  • Vocation of service.
  • Collaborating, catapulting and solving spirit.

¿Why are we called MARTA?:

The name M-art-A comes from a play on words that involves several factors related to the project.

Globally, it means ART from Mexico to Argentina, taking into account the most northern Latin American country and ending up in the most southern one. This means that it covers all the countries of Latin America.

When choosing the name, it was taken into account that it would be easy to pronounce and remember both for Spanish speakers (artists) and English speakers (market). The feminine name Marta exists in both English and Spanish.

Marta - Latin American Art

¿Which countries belong to MARTA?

Artists who are part of MARTA come from one of the following 20 countries.

Latin American Art - MARTA Countries

Art speaks where words are unable to explain

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